This page lists Vision Lab software that is available for download.

ASTRA Tomography Toolbox

The ASTRA Tomography Toolbox (“All Scale Tomographic Reconstruction Antwerp”) bundles a number of algorithms that were developed by the ASTRA research group of the Vision Lab. The toolbox is not application specific, reflecting the goal of the group to study the underlying mathematical techniques behind tomographic reconstruction. Most of the recent publications of the ASTRA group make use of this toolbox. The toolbox was largely developed thanks to the IMinds SuperCT project in collaboration with Bull, NVidia, FEI, and Compaan Design.


  • A MATLAB wrapper around the basic C++ and CUDA code makes the toolbox easy to use.
  • A large number of 2D and 3D algorithms are available, like FBP, SIRT, SART, CGLS, etc. The forward and back projector can also be called separately, to enable building new algorithms.
  • For most of the algorithms, an optimized GPU implementation is available (see, e.g., Performance improvements for iterative electron tomography reconstruction using GPUs).
  • Specification of the scanner geometry can be highly flexible, with completely free detector and source positioning, in addition to the classical geometries (parallel, fan, and cone beam).


You can download the ASTRA Toolbox from SourceForge.


A reference guide is also available on our SourceForge page.


W J. Palenstijn, K J. Batenburg, and J. Sijbers, "Performance improvements for iterative electron tomography reconstruction using graphics processing units (GPUs)", Journal of structural biology, vol. 176, issue 2, pp. 250-253, 2011

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